Spotify connect on Denon receiver


Spotify connect on Denon receiver

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Hi everyone.
I'm having problems with Spotify Connect in my Denon X1300W.
I'm able to see the receiver in the spotify app in the computer and android phone and when i try to play in the receiver it says "connecting" for about 30 seconds and then stops and keeps playing in the same device.
I tried everything, with different phones, two different computers, another account, made a factory reset to the receiver, tried connecting the receiver through ethernet, with another router, setting off DHCP and assigning an IP to the receiver.
The receiver connects OK to internet and the network because online radio and playing music through dlna.
I never had a problem with connect but it's been a week that doesn't work. Spotify connect it's working between phones or in a computer but never with the receiver.
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Re: Spotify connect on Denon receiver

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Same problem on DENON X4100W. No chnage even after factory reset. WE NEED BETTER TESTED FIRMWARES AND BETTER(NOT CHEAP) NETWORK ADAPTERS DENON....