Spotify dropping link with Sonos


Spotify dropping link with Sonos


I'm at a bit of a loss as I find that every evening I get a high number of' Unable to browse music' messages on my Sonos controller when I'm linked to Spotify.. Its bad enough that I can almost predict this from around 6pm UK time every night.

Is this Spotify running out of bandwidth? Anyone else get this problem, and any suggestions?

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Re: Spotify dropping link with Sonos

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Hi there,
the Spotify service through Sonos is run by Sonos - you might get more joy posting this on their support forums. When Spotify launched through Sonos I had trouble with it, but their support was excellent
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Re: Spotify dropping link with Sonos

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Currently (from 21.00 Dutch time) I also suffer from serious link problems using Sonos together with Spotify. The music stops, continuous, stops tracks are skipped etc... The iPad sometimes indicates a network/buffer problem. When I switch to a NAS or a radiostation there is no problem.


Spotify & Sonos have a very long tradition of link problems. Every few weeks I have to reset my Sonos and Router, but this evening it's a complete disaster. I cannot listen to music without any problem for more then 10 minutes...




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