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Spotify is **bleep**


Spotify is **bleep**


Spotify forces actions upon users without allowing us to say otherwise. For example; instead of simply streaming a song like YouTube, spotify will automatically download the song to your device's cache.  Its a nice feature but i would only use that for a very few songs, not every single one I listen to.

 There are many typical user friendly settings common in music programs that are not just not present in Spotify.  Although you can change spotify to not automatically open when windows starts, the option is not available in the installation process nor the program itself, you have to change your device settings so it doesn't automatically open when the device starts up. Spotify just wants as many users logging in daily to rank up their numbers.  

Also; when trying to play spotify from a device connected to a TV, spotify will only play from the original device unless the cursor is moved around constantly.  There are no options for which device to play audio from, and in this modern age of devices everywhere this needs to be user friendly, not automatic and disfunctional.   

Also for those of you who have no study in marketing, spotify choose the most annoying ads they can to get you to subscribe, and its working. Then they're forcing us to download whatever we listen to so they don't have to pay for the streaming service.  

This kind of business is completely disrespectful, if you're going to implement these kinds of features you need to at least give us the option to turn them off within the program.