Spotify is very slow at the office


Spotify is very slow at the office

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Since a week Spotify is being very slow only at the office. I tested with the Mac Application and with the Web Player. Even the communities are very slow. Actually everything with the Spotify domain is slow. If I connect my computer over the 3G of my phone then everything is back to normal.


Is it possible that my boss is slowing down Spotify with the firewall? If so, is there any way I can avoid this? Will connect Spotify through a proxy help? Similar services such as Deezer (sorry!) work fine but I'm a Spotify user since 2008 and I don't want to give it up just yet.


I already asked my boss and his answer was a question: Did Spotify change anything in the API?

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The best way is to try VPNs as it bypasses some network clogs that might have caused slowdowns on your Spotify. The Company that provides the internet in your office might be different from the one providing you internet on your phone. If you use VPN and Spotify gets faster, it means something is just slowing you down. You may want to read this article as it might be a good example


I just mentioned an example, I know nothing about Verizon and Netflix as I'm not from the US. Sorry for the bad english. Hope this helps!