Spotify isn't working properly with Chromecast


Spotify isn't working properly with Chromecast

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Macbook Pro late 2016, Chromecast 2019, Huawei P20 Lite

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Mac OS Catalina, Android 9


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Spotify doesn't work properly with Chromecast with my devices. It actually worked fine for a month after I bought my Chromecast, Spotify Desktop was able to detect the device and to cast music on it instantly. It suddenly stopped detecting the Chromecast on Spotify Desktop and still doesn't today. When I use the Web Player on Chrome or my phone, it does detect the Chromecast though and I'm able to cast that way. In addition to that, I've noticed that when I try to cast Spotify while the music is paused, Chromecast will started loading Spotify on screen but will instantly lag out and return to homescreen. Furthermore, when I can cast music on my Chromecast using the Web Player or my phone, the music will play for an hour maximum before displaying an error message on the TV to which my Chromecast is plugged, lag out and exit spotify. Usually, this happens a few seconds before the end of a song. In the meantime, when I check the Web Player, it looks like it froze on a song that was previously played a few minutes ago so I have to refresh the page. On Spotify Desktop, it detects when I'm actually casting music on my Chromecast, but will instantly stop detecting it as soon as it lags out or disconnect.

I've tried all troubleshooting solutions I could find on internet obviously including resetting my Chromecast to factory presets, reinstalling Spotify, emptying caches, updating all devices, resetting WiFi router, etc. Basically nothing works and Spotify doesn't provide any other solution than "check that everything is up to date" basically. It's been months now and it's getting frustrating.

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Hey @valentinsoveaux 


Good news! You can now find Chromecast in the connect "devices available" menu in the Spotify desktop app and browser web player. Now you can cast your music to Chromecast from the desktop app without having to use the iOS or Android app.


Make sure your Spotify desktop app is up to date


Are you still having trouble with Spotify on chromecast with the connection?

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