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Spotify on Android TV (Philips)


Spotify on Android TV (Philips)


Hi guys,


I just downloaded Spotify for my Philips Pus7101/12 Android TV, but it doesnt work properly. Everytime i start a new song, the song immediately pauses and stops playing. Once in a while a song will play, but 90% of the time songs just keep pausing themselves before the songs even starts! This also happends when I try to use Spotify Connect from my Mac and iPhone. This has now made Spotify unusable.

I have already tried restarting my TV, deleted the app from the TV and downloaded it again a number of times, and my internet connection is good so it isn't the internet speed. When i play Spotify from my Macbook or my iPhone it all still runs smoothly, but just not on the Android TV!


Plz help!

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Re: Spotify on Android TV (Philips)


Exact same problem on my Sony TV using Android. The app is near useless. No problems whatsoever on my Mac or iOS devices. 


Can anyone help?