Spotify on Blackberry 10


Spotify on Blackberry 10


Hello, I would like to ask if you are working on a Spotify app for Blackberry 10 (I have Blackberry Z 10) and there is no native app for this phone which sucks. Please make an app so I can use it again

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The Android app can be loaded and works fine; you'll need to sideload Snap and then install the Android version. Google it; there's no shortage of instructions and they're not that hard... Would be nice to get a native app though nonetheless...

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It's not the same though. Wish they would develop an app for Blackberry.


Especially with the new competitior (Apple Music)

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I find it really absurd na similar situation. I understand that BlackBerry does not have the numbers of Apple and Android, but has an installed base of more than 80 million customers, does not satisfy me sounds crazy ... Why then Deezer is on BB10, so why miss the chance to take them all? BlackBerry is now a healthy company, has no debt, has a cash fund of $ 3 billion, in the last half-year has earned $ 500 million through the sale of its software packages and smarthone. I do not understand really what cost to a company like Spotify make it a native app ... I find this situation embarrassing, then I would like to know who decided to create an app for a os, the system must have an installed base of 6% globally. BlackBerry has a global percentage of 3%, I know it's not, it could be considered niche market, but it is a market that will never abandon BlackBerry. Simply because with a BlackBerry 10 do operations that neither iOS nor Android can do. I hope for a change of heart, in the end they had an app on BlackBerry OS7, to end on that support them and concentrate on the native version for BB10. But really I do not understand which would be the costs to bear to create an app for BlackBerry 10. A good developer in half a day creates and develops the language you Cascades ... I take this opportunity to greet all the people like me victims of this discrimination by Spotify. I hope to announce a surprise machining a native app. Do not tell me that it is a difficult operation plays, the developer nemorystudios has made a beta of your client is called Spot2fy and works well but is not official and crashes often. If you let it listen to the customer if the BlackBerry deserves.