Spotify on onkyo TX-NR414


Spotify on onkyo TX-NR414

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I keep on having troubles using spotify on my onkyo TX-NR414 .

At first I was able to login after i created a device password, however after a while it didn't worked anymore. In the meanwhile I re-tried several times to create another device password, but still  unable to login on my onkyo.

There sure is no internet problem, the other services on my onkyo are working perfectly.

At this point I'm considering to stop using spotify, cause my receiver is the main reason I've decided to pay for a premium account.

I hope this problem can be solved...

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Re: Spotify on onkyo TX-NR414 (and 818)

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Same problem and efforts to resolve with my TXNR818.  What a bummer it was to upgrade so that I could enjoy the premium service without having to plug in and run it on my iphone only to have the login fail regardless of how many times i tried and then again after reseting the password.  

   Was this ever resolved for you.  I'd hate to cancel my service so soon but seriously this should be simple right?