Spotify playlists only play one song on Win 10 Mobile


Spotify playlists only play one song on Win 10 Mobile

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I had previously added to a topic and now have a better workaround, but that topic has been closed. Here is what I wrote and I will add the workaround below:


Recently I have been unable to play the Spotify Playlists on Windows 10 mobile, as only the first song will play whether I start by selecting a song or by clicking shuffle play. Only one song gets added to the playlist and when that song finishes or I click the skip button, the next song doesn't play (because there are no more songs in the playlist).

I'm certain this used to work, but it doesn't work anymore.

It does work if I use the Spotify app on Windows 10 desktop, or on iOS

I have done the following, which no success:
- Restarted the app
- Restarted the phone
- Uninstalled and re-installed the app
- Installed the app on my wife's Windows 10 mobile phone

If I click Radio from the playlist, I can play multiple songs, so it's not a bad workaround, but it means I can't use offline.

If I create my own playlist, or play an album, these work correctly and I can have these offline which is good, but it's sometimes nice to use the pre-made playlists (and it's a feature that should work and previously worked for me).


Now for the workaround that works:

I had read a recommendation to make the playlist available offline and had tried that with no success. I also noticed that it wasn't just one song being added to the queue, all songs were added and then all but the currently playing song disappeared.


I then discovered there is an offline mode for the Spotify app on Win 10 Mobile and tried playing a Spotify playlist that I had made available offline while in offline mode and all songs were added to the queue and remained there even after the song ended or if I skipped to the next song.


The even more interesting thing is that you can change back to online mode and the songs remain in the queue and work as expected, until you pick a different Spotify playlist.


So the workaround is make the songs available offline and then change the app to offline mode.


Hope this is helpful to the few remaining Win 10 Mobile users.