Spotify playlists stop after playing first track


Spotify playlists stop after playing first track



 I've been noticing this isuue since last week where the playlists on my spotify account stops playing after a track or two and i'd have to hit the skip button to get the music playing/going. I'm currently using the Spotify Web Player with Firefox Version 59.0.2 (64-bit) on my desktop. I've read a few advices to sign out everywehere, which is what i did, but i still have that problem. Any help would be great. :D

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Re: Spotify playlists stop after playing first track


Same issue, going on a week now.

I have been in touch with, and while they're trying we haven't hit a solution.  I feel like a bit of a guinea pig at this point. 

We've tried much of the usual:

  • Log out/back in
  • Clear cookies/cache
  • Reboot/restart
  • Making sure Flash is latest version
  • Try on another network
  • Log in via another account/test account

There are several threads here in the Community identifying this issue. Spotify has not provided a working solution.

For all, it appears this is specific to using Web Player via Firefox.  Spotify HAS to know this by now, however hasn't commented if they have a solution in the works.

Works in Chrome (tried a friend's PC), works in Safari (tried on wife's Mac), works on iPhone just fine.  It is a Firefox compatibility issue they need to get moving on but are slow-rolling us on it for some reason. 

Many of us are restricted from puting Desktop App on our PCs or download Chrome so this Web Player is the only option. They dropped IE compatibility for Web Player completely not too long ago, so that is no longer an option.

Best of luck to you, I've gotten nowhere!!