Spotify radio for Windows 7 phone


Spotify radio for Windows 7 phone


I am new to Spotify, having subscribed to a Premium account for my Windows 7 'phone (HTC Trophy).  After SiriusXM stopped working on Windows 'phones, and Last.FM stop steaming music, I subscribed to Spotify so I can listen to music while I run, bike etc.  But I can't figure out how to get Spotify to stream a genre of music.  On the PC it will play a "radio station," but on the 'phone all I can do is put in an artist and Spotify will play only that artist for a while, then stop.



Any help is appreciated.  I have never, and am not looking to, download music, create playlists, "scrobble" (whatever that was on Last.FM), etc., just listen to the type of music associated with an artist.  Thanks!

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Spotify on Windows Phone doesn't have radio I'm afraid, and with Windows Phone 7 support having now ended, there won't be any app updates to add the feature.

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