Spotify randomly plays on Denon CEOL


Spotify randomly plays on Denon CEOL

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Denon CEOL RCD9. 

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My Denon CEOL has the ability to play directly from Spotify (using Connect?). However this requires Spotify Premium. I have Spotify Free, therefore CANNOT use Spotify to play directly on my Denon CEOL. (I use Apple Airplay from my iphone/mac when I want to listen to spotify or anything else on my phone). However the Denon will sometimes suddenly and without warning start playing Spotify (the spotify symbol appears on the display, so it's not airplay which has another symbol). This happens randomly right in the middle of me listening to something else on CD, Internet radio, or digital input. What's more the music played is something I've never heard of and the volume also increases. It's like someone elsewhere is trying to play their Spotify music on their system, but it comes through to my system instead, and they increase the volume because they can't hear anything on their system. You should only be able to do this with Spotify if your device and the Denon are on the same wifi, but I live in a rural area - no-one else is on my wifi, I've checked. I've had to turn off the Denon's "Network Control" feature which allows you to turn on the Denon remotely, to stop this happening in the middle of the night, but it happening in the middle of you listening to something else, and then suddenly getting extremely loud, is very annoying. Is it a bug? Have the russians hacked into something???