Spotify switches songs randomly


Spotify switches songs randomly




My spotify has been acting really strange lately, randomly switching songs even from other playlists that are not even open!!


Specifically, it always switches songs to an artist called "drill beats" which has some really creepy songs. It also turnes on by itself when I have the music on pause.


This problem occurs both on my computer and my phone, I have reset my password on facebook, logged out all other sessions through the website, denied access from other apps and still the problem persists.


Can someone please help?

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Hey @Gossepojk@, welcome to the Spotify Community!


To start, can you let us know what device, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


Also, is this happening while listening to an specific playlist/album, or is it random? If possible, can you send us a screenshot of what you see when the music changes by itself?


Keep us posted.


Re: Spotify switches songs randomly

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 Hey @Gossepojk

This can be a problem because your account password might have been compromised. 

Maybe someone else is using your account and they prefer to listen to a different artist than you or may change details in your playlists. It is preferred that you logout of all devices that you are logged in with Spotify and then login to one particular device back to change your password.


To logout of all your devices, follow here.


There might be a chance.


Thank You



Re: Spotify switches songs randomly


Hey @Gossepojk!


It's been a while since we've had any updates.


Were you able to follow the steps posted by @JulianDavid and @rohanpal?


All the best.

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