Spotify to USB/CD


Spotify to USB/CD


My boyfriend has Spotify Premium but has deployed with the Navy. He has Spotify on his laptop but can't connect it to internet while at sea. Is there a way I can download playlists to usb or cd and send them to him. He's going to get bored of the same music after 4 months at sea!



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Premium allows you to download music, but it is in an encrypted form and can only be played by the Spotify client with a premium account. He wont be able to listen to the CD as a CD.


However, if you did have access to his account (though it is NOT permitted to share an account by the terms of use) and download the files to your computer, you may be able to copy them to a USB drive or CD by copying Spotify's storage folder, and then he can replace his storage folder with that one. However, I don't know if Spotify requires internet authentication for his premium account to be able to play downloaded files. If it is letting him play Spotify downloads, then it might work.

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