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Spotify will not shuffle


Spotify will not shuffle

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Me and my partner recently upgraded to premium but our music has stopped shuffling. We usually connect from desktop/mobile to PS4 but no matter which platform we listen from, it stops shuffling anyway. After every song we have to press the shuffle button again. 


On top of this, when listening to my general library, after unshuffling it will restart from the top of my library. 


I can't find anyone else online in a similar situation besides "Spotify shuffle isn't true shuffle" so I was hoping someone here could maybe help. 







Android, Windows, PS4


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Re: Spotify will not shuffle


I am having the same issue. The shuffle will be highlighted but then it goes back into non-shuffle mode while still highlighted. No matter if I start up spotify through my PS4, my phone, or my desktop. It's quite annoying. If I pick a song I want to listen to I need to start the whole process over of trying to get it to shuffle again.