Spotify wrapped


Spotify wrapped


I’ve been trying to see my Spotify wrapped 2018 for two days. When I sign in to get it it says there is not enough data to give me the “full experience”. I’ve had this Spotify account for 3 years and last year Spotify wrapped worked for me. I listen to music almost everyday so it doesn’t make sense that I would have insufficient data. Please help me fix this problem!!


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Hey @skylar_ch, help's here.


First, make sure that you go to this site to access your Wrapped 2018 stats, preferably opening the link in an incognito window.


If that doesn't help, make sure that you log in on the right account, with the same credentials as what you use to log in on the app. You might've created another account which is empty. Check this link for further help.


If that doesn't help, please get back to us with a screenshot and we'll have a closer look. 


All the best!