Strategic advantage


Strategic advantage


One way I think spotify could become even more popular is by understanding its business. Which could be mistaken for online music streaming when in reality it should be mobile audio streaming. So a way a competitor like Sirius xm has some advantage is their variety you can listen to news or comedy or sports etc. Spotify could get in the niche of streaming language lessons like Rosetta stone. So maybe you are driving a road trip and you can put on Spanish lessons. Etc.


Another idea I came up with I call Sportify! Which you already kind of do. Imagine you are watching LeBron James warm up during a pregame, as spotify users we can listen to exactly what LeBron is listening to live. LeBron changes the song, my stream changes with it. You get to experience exactly what gets your favorite athletes in the zone. 


If you like my ideas I am looking for work as a young marketer 😉 Logan Tuel 9367184460