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Support for the Huawei AI Cube


Support for the Huawei AI Cube

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United Kingdom


Huawei AI Cube

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Amazon Alexa

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As I currently understand it there is no support for playing Spotify through the Huawei AI Cube, which contains Amazon Alexa. Is there any intention for this to be rectified? As I understand it there was a similar issue with Sonos devices with Alexa when it first came out, but subsequently has been supported. Is this an issue for Spotify, Amazon or Huawei?

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Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube


Hello @Rigard 


Thanks for getting in touch!


The device you are trying to use is currently not supported. We are always trying to expand to new devices so support might come in the future. We can't say when however.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube


I agree, Alexa support suggests the full range of services but the music app i pay for not supported please rectify


Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube

Casual Listener

For me it's been over 4 months since this issue has been brought to the supports teams attention how can it take so long to rectify the issue?

Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube

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Hi, I've managed to get Sonos to work with the Huawei AI Cube. However, the command you would give an Alexa Dot/Echo, is different compared to the AI Cube, in that you have to specifically say the Group your preferred speakers are in. 


Assuming that the two devices below are registered correctly and that you have setup your preferred music service  with the Amazon Alexa device (I use Spotify).


My configuration is as follows and is a standard setup:


  • My Alexa Dot is located in the Master Bedroom (device name is 'Alexa Master Bedroom').
  • Group created in the Alexa app, named 'House', my default Alexa device being 'Alexa Master Bedroom'.
  • Added my preferred speakers to the group, in my case; 2 x Sonos Play 5s (stereo pair) and 1 x Play One.

If I give the command ' some music', whilst in the Master Bedroom, Alexa plays music accordingly using Spotify.


Currently, you cannot create a group for an  Ai Cube, as it is not seen as  an  Alexa enabled device.


My Huawei AI Cube is setup in the Living Room. If I say the same command ' some music', the device plays music through its own speaker and not Sonos. However, if I say ' some music in House', music is played through my Sonos system. All music related commands work with this setup.


This appears to be a workaround using an Amazon device, as opposed to the AI Cube being supported correctly by the Alexa architecture.

Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube


I have a HuWei AI cube and a selling point to me was that along with being a WiFi router, I could connect my Spotify and play music. 


I can not work out how to do this. I have no other WiFi speakers. Just this one. 


Has anyone else managed it?

Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube

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According to Huwaei, the AI Cube does not currently support Spotify Music Services.  However, the solutiion I have given above, definitely works for Sonos - I'm currently using this setup to play music using Spotify. 



Re: Support for the Huawei AI Cube

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As far as I am aware Spotify does not work on this device, which is a huge
disappointment as I was also told it would work just like my Alexa already

I contacted Amazon, huawei and Spotify on this issue all of which did not
really seem to care and just blamed each other for the problems.

6 or so months later nothing has changed.