[Symbian] Any Nokia N9 users?


[Symbian] Any Nokia N9 users?

Casual Listener

Can't find a thread with Nokia N9 Spotify users...And can't find an appropriate subforum for N9 (not Symbian).  Love Spotify for N9. It made me buy a premium subscription.

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Re: Any Nokia N9 users?

Casual Listener

Hey, there are other users, too. I'm really tired of using official Spotify client for Nokia N9. I've been using the client for several months since it was released, but mostly run into several problems. Maybe it's my N9 but there are alot of problems. Other apps working okey. Reinstalling Spotify app 6 times during 4 months hardly qualifies quality app. It's time to change the phone.


Re: Any Nokia N9 users?



I use Spotify premium in N9 as well.

It used to work OK, but now there is a couple of annoying bugs:


1. When starting up it crashes (closes down without any messages), so I have to start it again to get it running.

2. When starting off-line (i.e. without WLAN connection) it always requires typing in the password and a network connection for the log in.


I do not believe it is the N9 that is causing the problems, since other apps work OK.


Anybody had the same symptoms?

Any chance of a fix?