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[Symbian] Nokia X6 can't connect to my WiFi through spotify.


[Symbian] Nokia X6 can't connect to my WiFi through spotify.



I've been having some problems with my spotify recently, for some reason my spotify cannot connect to my WiFi / router.
And it's ONLY my router it's struggles with, it has no problems connecting to other WiFi's.
And any other device (laptops, other cellphones, even my own cellphone actually) has any problems connecting to MY WiFi.

It's only through spotify my Nokia can't connect to my WiFi, my nokia has no problems if i connect outside of spotify for normal web browsing)
Using Nokia X6 with the latest firmware and D-Link DIR-655 with the latest firmware

I've tried clearing the spotify cache on my Nokia as well as uninstalling and re-installing spotify again with no luck.

Any suggestions?