Taking Chris Brown's music off the "Are & Be" playlist


Taking Chris Brown's music off the "Are & Be" playlist


I was listening to the "Are & Be" playlist the other night, and as I was listening, a Chris Brown song titled "Questions" began playing.


I know that this is wishful thinking, but don't you think that maybe people should stop listening to and supporting Chris Brown's music because of his extensive criminal record of assaulting women? Don't you think that we should try to stop sharing his music?


Look at Weinstein; he is just now getting backlash for the numerous crimes that he has committed. Though justice is being served, it took an awfully long time for it.


I think that we need to stand against people like Brown to show that there is zero tolerance and zero room in our society for people that hurt other people. People that are criminals. He is no better than any other criminal.


So please, Spotify, please consider taking his music of the popular playlists that you guys generate. I really love the playlists, but can't help but feel like I, and the rest of the listeners, should enjoy the music-- but also stand against injustice. It doesn't take much.