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Tinder artist correct but songs not!


Tinder artist correct but songs not!


Hi, I have conected Spotify and artist are ok just the songs tottaly not my. So under busts rhymes showing don’t cha ( pussycat dolls) it’s not even busta there rest artist showing their songs but again not the one I am listening to!  It’s seems to be a problem for Spotify to sort issues like this and lirics option only lirics which is putting me off. Not sure if I stay with Spotify as it’s veru annoying and disappointing that it takes two years and you still looking to this cases and are still problems! I left Spotify because of few issues and it look like still problems not resolved. Not even going to start about list not playing switching to songs I don’t want. I listen my list offline for an hour then it was going ok.  If you want keep ppl you will need to sort that as this is really bad!