To be able to submit feedback via the platform / app


To be able to submit feedback via the platform / app

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As you can with Facebook and Google services, users are more inclined to submit feedback to their services, resulting in a better service. 


With Spotify, the user has to go out there way, away from the App, in order to deliver feedback, where some users will not jump over the fence, in order to deliver what they had in mind. 


Therefore, you must develop a Feedback interface within the app, where you can submit, both ideas and feedback.

1. Search feedback (for similarities and to upvote)

- Problems

- Ideas

2. Submit feedback (check for similiar feedback before submission)

- Problem

- Idea

3. View feedback

- My problems

- My ideas

4. My feedback profile

- View my feedback

- View my upvotes

- View my comments

- View my rank


Embedding this into the platform will certainly help improve the platform and should be considered highly, because from this point forwards, I don't intend to navigate away from the platform to submit quality feedback, unless of course my application is successful as a Product Owner at Spotify; then I will push towards this internal feedback interface in the latter days.


It'd take a day to implement, lets be fair... It's going to help improve the music industry and how people interact with Spotify.

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