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Unable to connect to Sonos speakers


Unable to connect to Sonos speakers





The Netherlands


iPhone 6s and Macbook Pro

Operating System

Tested on iOS and MacOS


My Question or Issue

I've got the following set up at home. A router, a wifi repeater which is connected to the router (but casting it's own network with unique name/password), a Sonos system that is configured on the router's network.


Using the Sonos app on my iPhone I can effordless connect to the Sonos speakers through both the router's network and the repeater's network, no problem.


However, I prefer to connect to the Sonos speakers directly from the Sonos app on my iPhone or Macbook Pro. This works flawless whever I am connected through the router's network but whenever I'm connected through the repeater's network the Sonos speakers cannot be found.


What is the Spotify app doing differrrently from the Sonos app and is there anyway I can get the Spotify app to find my Sonos speakers when connected to the repeater's network?


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Re: Unable to connect to Sonos speakers

Spotify Legend

Hey @paulusch.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The Sonos app and Sonos speaker are linked together. Using Spotify Connect to stream to a Sonos speaker however, is possible because you're on the same network. A friend or family member could connect to your network for example, and stream something effortlessly to the Sonos speaker using Guest mode.


Hope this answers your question! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!