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Unable to share Spotify to IG stories


Unable to share Spotify to IG stories

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 UK. But currently in the Philippines


Samsung S9

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Android 8.0 Oreo


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 Hi! I can't share spotify to my IG stories. Tried reinstalling both a couple of times but still not working. My boyfriend and I have the same phone (Samsung s9) and when I log in to my Spotify account on his phone it allows me to share to IG stories to his account but when I log in to my account, Spotify won't let me share. Please help me out. 


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Re: Unable to share Spotify to IG stories

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Hey @phenelagayle


If you've made sure that both apps are up-to-date, we suggest that you get in touch with Instagram. They may be able to give you more info 🙂


Let us know if there's anything else!