Unrestricted access to Spotify connect


Unrestricted access to Spotify connect


I dont´t know if this is only with Denon but I have no control of who can access my receiver. Everyone who has ever been connected to my WiFi and has Spotify Premium can start my receiver from anywhere at anytime. This might be funny a couple times if a friend just wakes me in the morning with his Music and a volume that he decides but on the other hand is see this as a seriuos security issue. If I´m going on vacation and am not at home a few weeks and someone starts playing music via my receiver it is running all the time as the music won´t stop when someone just closes spotify, high Energy costs are to expect. Also one can control the volume which can damage receiver and speakers over a longtime. At a party it is good that everyone can play his whishes but on the other hand it can also be annoying if the song switches every couple seconds. So I highly recommend to implement the feature to see and control who can connect with your Spotidfy connect device.


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Re: Unrestricted access to Spotify connect

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Hey @niclase97, help's here.


It's only the last user who was connected to your device who should be able to connect to your speaker from elsewhere, since that session is saved. Unplugging the device an plugging it back in should reset this, or if you make sure you're the last person who connects to the device.


Hope that helps 🙂