Unsubscribing is Liberating!!


Unsubscribing is Liberating!!

Casual Listener

It is abundantly clear that Spotify is not too concerned with the satifaction of customers regarding issues with the new web version UI.


I don't think that it was too smart on their end to force a beta test (after reading comments, it may have originally been an alpha test on the unlucky early suspects) of such an unfinished and downgraded product.


Personally, I listen to the web version at work almost all day because it is the only option as a (previously) subscribed user. The privileges on my work computer do not allow for a download and I cannot bring a cellphone into my building. This morning when I got to work, I found that I am now forced to use the dredded open.spotify version that I was blissfully unaware existed. After dinking around with the dumbed down version for a bit, I was frustrated with the lack of features. I logged on to find many complaints about it and not many resolutions, in over 4 months of complaining. 


Unsubscribing is Liberating! If I was not paying for the service, I would not have too much ground to be frustrated, but I was. Now I could care less. I will not pay for a service that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


I was a bit bummed I couldn't find a place to write this message as I was unsubscribing, so here it will rest. Cheers and happy Pandora listening!

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Re: Unsubscribing is Liberating!!

Casual Listener

I also unscubscribed this past month. Features are getting removed left and right, all in the name of "low usage". Notifications, sharing between friends, last.fm integration, etc. were all things I used. If they're going to do so, then I'm not willing to pay the same price I was before.


I was still using the web player at work, but now that I've been pushed to the new version, no songs will play (automatically skips each song). Every "fix" I've attempted hasn't remedied the situation. Pandora works, YouTube works, etc. Literally everything but Spotify.