Unwanted connection - Spotify connect


Unwanted connection - Spotify connect


Hey guys,


I'm posting this here cause I couldnt find any solution to this.


I have the following set up in my living room,


Sony W800B Smart TV

Sony HTXT3 Soundbar

Sony PS4


All support googlecast and spotify. But i think the main problem could come from the soundbar or tv.


Basically while Im using netflix on the tv, suddenly spotify connect launches on, and random music starts to play. 

Because someone used my tv or soundbar to stream their music.

The thing is that doesnt come from inside the house.


So is it possible that someone, without being connected on my network, can use my smart tv or sound bar to stream their music?

If its possitive. how can i stop it?



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Re: Unwanted connection - Spotify connect

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@Guidilloo this is very possible. I have driven past houses before and google cast has popped up. I could literally play it to their house from the car.  I do not believe there is a way to keep people out of your google cast. I will look into this and keep you informed.

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