Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading


I fully support JRRBEASLY’s suggestion to always contact yr local dealer. They may not be able to fix right away but they have the escalation mechanisms to country and global Volvo tech support (in my case escalation took place same day as I brought in the car for the issue). All the same I’d wish there was an effective customer focused escalation & resolution forum moderated by Volvo global, for the IT/infotainment issues that current dealership is often struggling with. 

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading




Followed this thread for a month now, trying every suggested solution, I ended with contacting my local dealer. To be honest, I noticed them I have a problem with Spotify app during a "planned for another thing" intervention.


They spent a while on my car without success, Spotify app was still not showing in New Apps.


But (there is a but), to correct another problem I had, they updated software from March 2019 to July 2019. A few hours after leaving the garage... Spotify app was showing in Download Center.


I have no clue if things are related but now Spotify is working again.


Hope this helps.