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Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

Music Fan

But the factory reset I did only removed my profiles and settings. It didn't remove everything from the apps.

I tried to remove all the apps and installed everything back. But the spotify still is not there. 


Is there a nother way to factory reset EVERYTHING?

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading


I had the same issue like you for weeks. I was able to fix it by login with a different account after I removed the app and installed it again. With the same Account it didnt work (XC40 2019)


Regards From Switzerland

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Hi All,


I too was having problems with the Spotify app using the Sensus in my 2019 XC40 but have managed to resolve it.


As many of you have experienced, I too could download the app but after logging in I got the eternal spinning wheel.


This is how I resolved the issue:

1-Delete the Spotify app on the Sensus

2-On a laptop login to the Spotify website

3-Under your Profile select Account

4-On the left side select Apps (you might need to scroll down)

5-Remove access to the VolvoSpotifyApp


7-Go back to the Sensus

8-Download & Install the Spotify app

9-Login after step 8 and voila, if it all went well the App should work again showing you your library and such.


Good luck


Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

Casual Listener

I tried all steps above but without succes...

Still the endless spinning wheel...



Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

Casual Listener

W dalszym ciągu nie ma Spotify w aktualizacji Sensus (xc60)

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Still no Spotify to download. Is it that difficult that after a month developers cant prepare the app that was working before na update attempt? 

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading


This is really crazy that after a month #Volvo and #Spotify don't bring us any solution.... On my XC90 in France it is the same problem... 

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

Casual Listener

My Spotify profile started working again on my 2019 XC40 (USA). 


Over the past month I've tried everything including reinstalling and deregistering the device from my Spotify settings page.  I do not see any relationship between the steps I took and it working again.

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

Casual Listener

Im contacting:

- Global Support

- Local support (dealer)

- Local support sales contact


So far: no reply... 

Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading

So UK support told me to take it to the dealer. I thought I was being
fobbed off and that they wouldn't be able to do anything but they have
fixed it. They didn't tell me how to fix it I'm afraid so I can roads that
on but my advice is please contact your local dealership. They sorted mine
for free