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Volvo Spotify App Downgraded


Volvo Spotify App Downgraded


Over the summer Volvo Sensus notified me in my 2018 Volvo XC60 that an upgrade was available for their native Spotify App. I did the upgrade only to find that some important functionality I had with the old app went away. While we were promised new functionality with the upgrade the fact is that the newer version is simply a downgrade.

Here in the Community there have been posts about who is responsible for addressing this (Volvo or Spotify--I'd say both should have an interest in getting it right) and whether a fix is available (if it is, I can't find it as the latest version available for download in my car doesn't address the problems).

I am extremely disappointed with this. I am reminded everytime I'm in my car that neither Volvo nor Spotify has fixed this problem. I have to believe both know about the problem; if they don't then that is a problem all by itself.

I wonder what it will take for Volvo or Spotify to step up and fix what one of them broke.

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Re: Volvo Spotify App Downgraded


Volvo, on their website, says:

"The Spotify app offers a range of options and functions, such as:

  • Free text search
  • Auto search
  • Play/Pause/Resume
  • Browse through albums, playlists, news, etc.
  • Add/remove music tracks from your library
  • Log in/out
  • Skip between music tracks
  • Spotify Connect"

This used to be true with the Volvo Spotify App before it was "upgraded". Now, however, you can't Add/Remove music tracks to your library or see album information as you used to be able to see.