Volvo sensus connect spotify parrot


Volvo sensus connect spotify parrot

I have a volvo v40 2013 with sensus connect and the Spotify app (parrot) installed, however I can't access to my playlist, hear offline music or play any kind of radio (artist, song, album...). The playlists are displayed in the car app, however, they begin to load, and never concludes the action, the songs are never listed. I've already updated the app, cleared cache, reinstalled the app, changed the Spotify user account, and the result is always the same. Can you help me?
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Re: Volvo sensus connect spotify parrot


Volvo have left it up to Parrot to fix it and Parrot seems disinterested in doing so. See this thread for the full story:

Short Version: Parrot developed their own version of the Spotify app, was given over a year's notice that LibSpotify (what Parrot's Spotify app is built on) would no longer be supported. Parrot let it die and aren't working to fix it. I'm extremely disappointed in Volvo and and their refusal to stand behind their product and inability to get their technology partner to fix the issue.