[WP 7.5] Nokia Lumia 800 Offline Synch


[WP 7.5] Nokia Lumia 800 Offline Synch

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Hi All,


When syncing my playlist to my phone for offline use, it downloads some playlist fine and others just don't want to play ball.


Some songs in playlist do not download, and I have to delete them just so that others can carry on downloading.


I am syncing over wifi for obvious reasons.


Is there anything you can suggest, inorder to get this to work, if this fix doesn't come along, then I am affraid I'll have to cancel my Premium service and stick to Zune Pass.


Although there is more choice on Spotify.


Any help will be appreciated as I love spotify.





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I love Spotify too, but Spotify does not provide support to us. Only I, Community founder, and I do not sit in Spotify office... So there is no help from Spotify, only I try to sort things out... when Spotify employees just drink coffee and tea.


This syncing problem is in Spotify and wait to fix. But to be honest, no one working with this app to fix it.


So help me, add your Kudos and voice here http://community.spotify.com/t5/Mobile-Windows-Phones-Blackberry/All-Windows-Phone-bugs-in-one-threa.... I promote your topic in my thread!!!



Re: Nokia Lumia 800 Offline Synch

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Before I start to complain about bugs I need to learn how the syncing procedure should go, step by step. The "manual" that is on Spotify's help area is not of my Spotify on my Lumia 800 - there is no button to select "download this album".


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I got myself Sptify Premium so I could listen to my favourite music on my new Nokia Lumia 800, but when I click for playlists it just keeps searching and searching.... Sucks big time!

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click playlist. then click the only button other then your playlists. this button is at the bottom of your screen and its a arrow down icon. then you get small check boxes at the front of your playlist, tick the box to verify it for offline sync

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I can't listen to playlists offline on my windows 7.5 phone