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[WP 7.5] WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

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[WP 7.5] WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


After reading several posts here on the forum i dont know if i should cry or laught.


Just to sign up on the user-bug-irritatedcustomer-list, here is what i´m struggling with:


Btw: Premium user... Nokia Lumia 800


• It takes long time to start the app


• When i am on 3G and streaming, it often goes ofline by itself and takes forever to log on again. It is faster to reboot the phone.


• 6 of 10 times it just wont play anything, if i click on a song in my playlist, the rest of the songs gets "grayed" and the dots are loading at the top of the app, but NOTHING happens. Wifi or 3G, same result. Again -REBOOT phone and it works a couple of times again.


• The app wont turn off??? It lays in the background and drains the battery. There is no way to stop music (only pause) and when you hit the "back button" to homescreen, spoti is still "on". You can see this when you go to lockscreen, -the song shows up in the upper corner as paused. And the batterydrainage shown in diagnostics shows a higher discharge several hours after you have "closed" spotify compared to when you havnt started spotify at all.


• HORRIBLE BLUETOOTH function. Not able to switch song on headset or carstereo, In case of incoming calls, the spotiapp hangs and wont play again. If car is switched off -> on the spotiapp wont play. NO METADATA TO CAR-DISPLAY. (AVRCP) Newer Iphone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry supports it, But nooot a new WP with spotify 2012...??? :(


• No function to FF/FW. (heeellooo.. is this a music app??)


• No function to download offline playlist (it does not work)


• It often hangs and crashes, i get thrown out to homescreen.


• Often wont switch song when i click "next" on lockscreen OR in the "now plaing" section, the sound disapears and the app "hangs" for a couple of minutes.


I work with customercare in an other business and i get so angry and frustaded when there is no response what-so-ever from a big company like spotify.. YOU (like me) LIVE ON PAYING CUSTOMERS! Wake up and give some input on all of these bugs and problems with your product! Is there anything going on?

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Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

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Can't agree more.
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Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

Casual Listener

I have all the same issues you described. I didn't think it was possible to release an app with this poor quality.....

Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


I have mailed them.. got casenumber 348094. I hope for their sake that they reply me.. 

Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


I've just cancelled my Premium subscription. Just to many bugs with wp7 version. Bluetooth not working properly, downloaded tracks suddenly gets deleted, no connection with 3g, only wifi.. 

Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

Casual Listener

Exactly the same issues... Especially the 3rd one you mentioned gets me really frustrated! Really close to cancelling my premium account... (Yet, the bluetooth issue is - I think - WP7 based since it doesn't work with other external music app's either)

Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound

Casual Listener

Same issues with Spotify on Lumia 800. Is Spotify planning on fixing these issues ? I'm actually considering closing my premium subscription and buy music off Nokia Ov or move to Wimp. The built in Nokia music player is so much more stable, although bluetooth doesn't work on it either.



Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


Very very bad spotify! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US PAYING WP USERS!! No response yet from my e-mail case.. its been 6 days.. I´ve got an automatic replay 6 days ago:



Hi there, thanks for your feedback.

We're always trying to make Spotify even better so listening to user comments is really important to us.

We recommend that you check out our community forum, where you can discuss your ideas with others, and vote on those you like the look of. We've already introduced some great new features such as Gapless Playback based on suggestions from our users.

Click here to visit the Spotify Community.

If your query is about something specific that you need our help with just submit another message through the contact form. There should be an option that matches the description of whatever issue you're having.

Click here to visit the Spotify Contact Form.

Kind Regards,

Spotify Customer Service Team"


I have now opend a WIMP account for testing. I can really recomend that!

Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


I have all the same issues.  I have been a Premium customer since day 1 in the US.  I have paid $90 over the last 9 months.  I am so frustrated over this app.  If there's not a response and an update soon I'm cancelling my account and I'll sign up for a Zune pass.


I have a Ford with SYNC so even when I can get the app to work it won't work with my radio controls, as any other music app will.



Re: WP 7.5.. bluetooth.. crash.. hangs.. no sound


Same here...the Windows Phone app could really, really, REALLY use an update!  


Not only regarding all the trouble with bluetooth, but also to remedy the infamous offline problem...


Spotify, you listening?