[WP 7.5] Windows Phone 7 Offline Issues


[WP 7.5] Windows Phone 7 Offline Issues

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So for the last few weeks I have been using this but its so unreliable !


it downloads everything works fine going where ever I am going then randomly when I try to play it again on the way home something like that nothing will play it says nothing is available offline, but as soon as I connect to a Wifi network open the app disconnect from the network re-open the app everything is available again.


Any ideas why the playlist stops working and then suddenly is fine again ?? Its basically a game killer for me as without this being reliable I can use it to have offline music on my phone


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I have the same problem 😞 Please fix it. Its the only thing that prevents me to becoma a premium user after the trial!

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I agree with all the Win7 phone posters problems..This is **bleep**ed up. Fix this spotify or I will cancel my premium account and advertise on a global basis what **bleep**e this is....Everytime I try to play in offline mode I can't. Everytime I try to connect to bluetooth in my car I am luckiy if I get one or two successfull trys out of ten....


Indeed, I have exactly the same problem...very annoying.


Add to this the various bluetooth troubles and the fact that it will not sync local content and there's only one conclusion:


The Spotify app for Win Phone could REALLY use an update.

Music Fan

The offline mode is very poor, yes Forgets offline mode on playlists quite often, refuses to play any playlist at all sometimes, even on wifi and not in a forced offline mode, and once if forgets an offline playlist it refuses to sync it offline again, forcing a reinstall. This is so poor that I seriously consider switching to WiMP that has a client that is usable. Shame after being a spotify premium user since the beginning.