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[WP8] App crashes: phone call, bluetooth, idle


Re: [WP8] Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here

Casual Listener

- Country: Norway

- Phone: HTC 8x

-OS fully updated



Search works fine ,  can even play songs.

Crashes after 10-20 secs when trying playlists.

Seems large number of playlists causes trouble?

Re: [WP8] Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here

Casual Listener

Country:  USA

Phone:  Lumia 920

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I am having issues with the playback functionality of the app.  If I try to play any songs, the phone just tries to load to no avail and eventually the app closes on its own.  

Re: [WP8] Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here

Casual Listener

(HTC 8X, WP8, T-Mobile, 3G and WiFi)

Spotify Version 2.0


A few annoyances:

- When I have a playlist pinned to the start screen, even if I have shuffle on it still starts from the first song.

- Randomly opens in offline mode and either lags to connect or must be restarted.

- Randomly does not remember which playlists I downloaded for offline use

- "What's New" usually doesn't load

- Immediately goes offline when I view my playlists

- Sometimes crashes as soon as it opens and returns to start screen

- After skipping one or two songs from the lock screen, playback is paused and the small menu at the top disappears

- Playback sometimes pauses when skipping songs via the swipe from "Now Playing"


Thank you for getting Spotify on WP8!

Re: [WP8] App crashes: phone call, bluetooth, idle

Casual Listener

- Your country: US

- Your specific phone model: Nokia Lumia 920

- Your phone's Operating System and version: Windows 8, 8.0.102111.204

- Are you using 3G, WiFi? : Both


App crashes when I attempt to play any music... the progress 'dots' move across the top for a time and then the app quits. Sometimes I recieve a msg that about not being able to start the 'background music service'. Also it will not download offline content.


Re: Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here


I agree. I don't care about the addition of features at this point. Please work on making the app stable as soon as possible! It is really annoying when it crashes but I still prefer the Spotify service over Xbox Music sub overall. 

I hope someone is reading these forums and is willing to help. Thank you!