[WP8] Client stops working


[WP8] Client stops working




I am using Spotify's version and Windows Phone 8.1 on a NOKIA Lumia 930.


I am unable to stream any sort of music on my phone.


Everytime I install Spotify it works well only in the first time. After rebooting the cellphone or closing the application a get tons of loadings (even on WiFi), in almost every resource. And if and when I manage to play a song, it ALWAYS stops at 4 seconds mark.


I've tried connecting and disconnecting from the WiFi / 4G and logging off and on again. I've even reinstalled several times and nothing seems to solve the problem.


The problem is only on the Windows Phone, since in my Android tablet and my W7 Desktop it's working well.


I've an Family Premium account that I am the owner.


The client simply doesn't work. It's literally unusable and this is very silly for something I am paying for.


Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance,




PS: Sorry if my English sucks, but it's not my first language.