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[WP8] Ofline mode works slow when switching songs


[WP8] Ofline mode works slow when switching songs

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I think the Spotify application works a bit slow when listening to ofline playlists, this is noticeable when switching songs. Spotify "works" several seconds until it finaly switch song, sometime it doesn't start at all and I have to shutdown the app and access the playlist again to get it to work.


- Your country : Sweden
- Your specific phone model: Lumia 920
- Your phone's Operating System and version: WP8, 8.0.9903.10
- Are you using 3G, WiFi?: 3G

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Re: [WP8] Ofline mode works slow when switching songs

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Thanks for your post.


Can you try does clean reinstall help? If not, this could be bug then...


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