[WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


[WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use

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I have attempted to download 3 playlists to play offline.


I then set offline mode to on and nothing would play.


I then noticed the playlist had not synced at all, so I turned offline mode off. I went to sync again and Spotify keeps tellling me I'm offline even though I'm not - I can't download or play anything. I've logged in and out and rebooted my handset to no avail.



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Firstly, thanks for the help so far. I tried to download a few of my existing playlists, but it seems quite flakey as to whether it downloads them or not. It seems to be stuck halfway through one list despite being connected to WiFi for the last 12hrs.

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Nokia lumia 920, Norway .


had same problem, but it seems that it download, cause progress indication stopped at track 2 of 10, but when I toggled offline button it had downloaded 6 tracks. So it might be just the progress indication, there should be a progress bar, not just an icon.


but I did feel the download took ages. 56 mbit, and took many minutes

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use

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Confirming this as a same issue here.

I have not been able to find any way to tell the client to download playlists.  I have had some success getting it to cache songs played previously, but not always - quite often it will still discard the data and not cache it for starred tracks.


Edit:  This is on a Lumia 920.

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[WP8] Somehow I managed to get my Playlist from my desktop to my Spotify app on my Nokia 920 (no sync option avaliable that I could find). I guess it syncs automatically if you have app on both desktop and phone.


I see all the songs on my phone under the Playlist I created. And I made sure I made them all avaliable 'offline' from my destop. When I play the first song (on my phone) it plays but stops after if finishes. Why doesn't it play all the way thru the Playlist. I can't even get the Playlist to play thru the Playlist on my desktop! I have the Premium accnt (30 day trial). One thing for sure. When trial is up I won't pay for something I can't use like I want.

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Same issue for me with my Lumia 920. Very frustrating as it's the main reason I wanted the app.

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Hi there!


Country: Switzerland

Phone: Lumia 920

OS: Windows Phone 8

Network: 4G / WiFi

Error Message: None



1. My Playlists dont seem to be downloadable. When i select them for downloading, it just quits again after a few seconds.

2. Can't play ANYthing! When i select any song (doesn't matter if from search or from playlists), it just shows the loading animation on top of the screen infinitely!

Thanks for taking care!


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O2 - UK


OS: 8.0.10211.204


1) Took several goes to download a playlist of ~260 tracks - indicated they had all completed but they hadn't

2) When I tried to play them back in offline mode it either completely hung the app, or occasionally they started playing but sounded terrible quality

3) eventually after not going back online at all they started playing fine, but still sometimes I come back to my phone and all of a sudden I'm getting 'Cannot play this track in offline mode' but...

4) ... Leave it half an hour and all is OK again

5) Often the playlist will only display the first 30 or so items, again leave the app and come back a few mins later and all back again

6) Hold FFWD doesn't skip through a track (though please I literally beg of you just implement touch-based scrubbing like every touch-screen audio player ever has had until windows phone)

7) App doesn't seem to ever reopen in the state you left it - always dumps you back to start screen. Doesn't seem to be able to pick up playing where you left off, even on a track by track basis let alone at a point in a track.


I'd love to give some specific error messages but there don't seem to be any - the app just seems to be extremely temperamental. My phone is almost at its limit on storage FWIW.


Great work getting the beta out guys, please try and iron out the issues to make it truly usable.




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I don't know whether to create a new thread for this, but I too am having all kinds of problems with offline mode.

Some times I'll start Spotify and it'll claim the the playlists I've said should be available offline aren't available.  It also still hasn't downloaded everything in any of those playlists for use in offline mode.


Other times it will display those playlists are being downloaded, or as being available, but they're not.  Other times it will say they're not available - it's completely inconsistent.

There's also no way to force downloading a playlist so it's cached.


Then of course there's that critical bug where it's using GPRS/LTE bandwidth even when you tell it not to - where Sync over 3G is disabled.


I've also noticed bugs where some times the actual on/off switch for features will be the opposite to what you've previously set it to, without having changed it.  Sometimes you exit the app and come back, and it's changed again.  Other values seem to be never be persisted, but I can't recall which.


Overall, a serious number of critical bugs in this app, and I'd have expected them fixed by now.



Other bugs:

The play queue/recently played list never seems to have any data in it.

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got same issue,

tho spoity dont care if you aint going main-stream, as usual.

im no sheep, im gonna say what i think.