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[WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use

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Same issue as kevinm2k above...the tracks are downloaded, I can see Spotify taking up 2.8Gb on my Lumia 521, and INITIALLY playing synced tracks offline worked. But once I went online, then went back offline, the app no longer played downloaded tracks while offline. Turning it back online allows you to play tracks. Fix it.

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


I've pressed Download: Yes on my playlists, but spotify doesn't sync at all (connected to WiFi). 

It did download once, but then it stopped halfway through... I've rebooted my phone etc


Please fix spotify......

Country: Sweden
Phone: Nokia Lumia 920

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use

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Had the same problem, but seemed to re-ignite the synchronization by the following (not sure if it's one of those and/or a combination):

- Plugged my Lumia 920 in order to charge during sync

- Went into the first playlist 'grayed green' ie. the first playlist in the Spotify app where it have seem to stopped sync'ing

- Played/paused the first song where sync' have gotten to

- Spotify app reignites sync


I have a suscpicion that in order for sync to work one has to have the Spotify app running in the foreground. Aree with others; this is a annoying bug in the app which needs to be fixed.



Re: [WP8] Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here

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Same problems here.


For me, I was able to initially sync all of my playlists over WiFi in order to play them in Offline Mode (the entire reason I pay for Spotify in the first place, I might add...)


However, as I add more music to these playlists on my Desktop Computer, Spotify will not sync these newly added songs. Of course, the songs appear in order to be streamed (for me to use my data) but they cannot be synced over WiFi.


Any fix on this? This is defnitely a deciding factor on whether or not I am paying for this application.


Terrible Beta. Spotify, I know you are a business...but why am I paying for an application that doesn't fulfill the main aspects of your Premium Version?

Re: [WP8] Spotify for Windows Phone 8 bugs go here

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Do you have plenty of available memory on the phone?

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use



there is obviously (see all other reports within this thread)  a bug in the WP8 app where it is dificult do download larger quantities of data either for several playlists or for offline usage of tracks.


please come back with a solution because all of us are paying for premium service and we are not able to use spotify under WP8


If you decide othereways and not supporting the platform anymore - fine but as long as you offer an official version on WP8 it has to work (at least on a basic level) radio eg has never been offered but not listening to songs offline is not acceptable.


please fix asap!!!


Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


Same problem here. Cannot play and/or sync any music. When I open one of my playlists (I only have three of them) the slider to enable synchronisation is disabled. When I do a multi selection on the overview page, I do the the green arrow pointing downwards indicating that the list has been marked for synchronisation, but nothing happens. Nothing is downloaded, but I do see a lot of 3G traffic (and that is switched off for Spotify) and my battery is being drained.


Playing music is also not working. I can select a song, and Spotify says its playing, but I hear nothing. (And volume is turned up and headphone is working)


Tried rebooting the phone, reinstalling the app (several times), connecting to a PC that has Spotify open. Nothing works.


I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription, and I will actually if this is not fixed soon.

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


Same problem here on my Lumia 920 in The Netherlands and Spain. It sucks because I took Premium to listen music on my phone.. Please fix this. I

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use

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[L925] Same problem here - Spotify app stops syncing the playlist without a reason (connected to wifi, phone not locked)


Edit: it´s enough storage available

Re: [WP8] Playlists won't sync for offline use


Hey man, noob here, 
I don't know if anyone has responded yet, but I had the same issue for some time, out of the bloom the playlist just stopped working in offline mode,
to fix it, I just unninstalled Spotify and reinstalled it,
Worked for me...