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[Web Player][Running] Great work on the Browser Player Enhancements


[Web Player][Running] Great work on the Browser Player Enhancements


This isn't an idea but rather positive feedback.


I sometimes need to listen to music at my desk just to block out the roar of the coworkers. Sadly, I work behind all the restrictions at a F500 company with firewalls, proxies, etc. I cannot make the desktop application work and would rather not have to take my phone out all the time. Just easier to plug some cheap headphones into my monitor. So, I was stuck with the web player in Chrome.


With the rewrite, I am seeing the following improvements:

  1. Player remembers where I am in a playlist or station, etc.
  2. No longer have the pause button flip to play during play causing me to not be able to pause music
  3. Snappier performance

I don't see an announcement on any of your blogs talking about the ehancements. Would love to read about the gory engineering details.