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[Web Player] Songs always start muted


[Web Player] Songs always start muted







PC (webplayer on Opera and Chrome)

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 7


My Question or Issue

 I've been having some strange issue where the webplayer always starts out "muted"  every time it starts a new song. The progress bar and time stamp move, the volume controls don't show that it's muted, the tab isn't muted, and if I touch the volume controls, the sound comes back. This is happening on the two separate PCs listed above on both Opera and Chrome on the Windows 7 machine and Chrome on the Ubuntu machine (Opera seems to think the DRM stuff isn't working on Linux). I've tried the "connect to a device" solution, signing out everywhere and clearing my cookies and none of that has worked. This started a few days ago and it's made it completely impossible to use it to listen to more than one song at a time since I have to keep going back to the tab to touch the volume controls to make the sound come back.

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Re: [Web Player] Songs always start muted


I'm having the same issue with my Spotify app on my new Mac.  The next song will always play on mute.  I have to hit previous or move the player back to 0:00 to actually hear the song.  It's frustrating because I have to do this for every next song.  How do I fix this??


- I tried turning to crossfade on and off since it worked for some people, but it doesn't work on mine. 

- I also tried to make the crossfade different times.  

- I tried to uninstall/install multiple times too.