[Web Player] Songs stop for about 5 seconds 9 seconds into every track


Re: [Web Player] Songs stop for about 5 seconds 9 seconds into every track

Gig Goer

I have had this problem for ages and am a premium player/payer!  I do not listen to Spotify as much as I used to because of this stop every nine seconds. I have done EVERYTHING you and the community have recommended to no avail. I honestly feel Spotify does not care all that much when the problem has anything to do with chrome books.  I have an Acer  Chromebook 15  CB3-532 -Version 78.0.3904.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) -  I have been a Spotify member for too many years to count. I really wish this issue would be taken seriously as well as many issues for those of us who are chrome book owners. This problem as well as not being able to edit or rename a playlist are just two examples of what i think should be an easy fix but, isn't important enough for Spotify to bother with. I've been looking at other sites as I feel I am paying for an item that does not work as it should.  I am starting to feel foolish paying 120.00 yearly (approx) for a product that does not work as it should. If I purchase anything and after using it for a few weeks or months and it no longer works properly, I get my money back or exchange for product that does work as it should every time I use it.  I resent all the years I have spent making play lists I love but cannot rename a single one!  Nor can I listen to anything without a 9 second interruption on any and everything I try to listen to. I want to love Spotify - I just want Spotify to love ALL its members equally. Chromebook owners should have the same quality and help that other non chrome book members have access too. Please Spotify start helping and FIXING the problems  chrome book users deal with everyday.   

Re: [Web Player] Songs stop for about 5 seconds 9 seconds into every track


Hey folks,


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this!

This seems to be the same issue as the one described by users in this thread.

Since this appears to be related to users' individual network settings, we suggest that you reach out to your network admin.

We've provided an official response in the above-mentioned thread which you can check out.

Thanks again for your patience! Take care :)

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