Web Player for Podcasts missing video


Web Player for Podcasts missing video


On Crome, Firefox and Safari  on MacOS or Windows


The Web Player for podcasts (Joe Rogan) is missing the video.  Clicking on the video button does nothing other than bring up an empty video player.


Audio does play.


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If I keep changing between episodes, eventually it will start working.  Generally clicking on the video link does nothing.

The video will load maybe 1/10 times or less but usually it will not. I’ve tried MANY episodes, switch back and forth etc. etc.

IF the video loads, I can switch between episodes and the video will play but IF I can get the video to work then refresh the page it goes back to not working.

Looking the debug console THIS is why its not working

Uncaught (in promise) HarmonyError: Cannot get subtitle languages on remote player.
at E.getSubtitleLanguages (vendor~web-player.bd68288a.js:1)
at web-player.021f68f1.js:1
at r (vendor~web-player.bd68288a.js:1)

This is on a clean chrome browser with no extensions, up to date on a clean OS.


Hi again @litewoheat,


Thanks for keeping in touch and for that info.


Can you try using a different connection, like another WiFi network or a mobile hotspot, and let us know if that makes any difference? Also, if you're using a VPN, try disabling it as it can interfere with Spotify.


If the issue persists, can you try using the desktop app instead of the web player and let us know if the video is played there? On Windows, we suggest downloading it from the Microsoft Store.


We'll be on the lookout.

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I tried 3 connections and 2 locations and a VPN already