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Web player nonfunctional for 2 days now


Web player nonfunctional for 2 days now


What's the deal with the web app?  Yesterday, it took multiple attempts to log in, and once in no songs would play (would stay at 0:00).  Trying other browsers did nothing.  Now today, its attempting to play songs at instantly advancing to the next one without playing any.  Again, other browsers result in the same issue.

And before anyone says "download the app!", some of us are on work computers and can't / shouldn't install new software.

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Re: Web player nonfunctional for 2 days now

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Hey @cogitoergosam! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still not able to listen to music through your web player or was this a temporary issue? If yes, could you check if there is an update available for your browser that might fix this issue?


Let me know if that helps, thanks^^