Webplayer "play" button doesn't work. (No devices listed on webplayer, not even itself))


Webplayer "play" button doesn't work. (No devices listed on webplayer, not even itself))


I'm on a premium account, in Ireland. I've listened to spotify webplayer at work for a couple years now (as cannot download the desktop app to my work laptop)

I have an iPhone 11 handset and spotify plays perfectly on that just by itself. It also plays perfectly when I'm in my car and my phone is plugged in (car mode).


In the last month I have not been able to play any songs on webplayer. 


When I'm logged in to spotify web player, I can access all my songs and playlists - the play button is enabled but the button does nothing when I click it. Just unresponsive.


If I play play a song on my iPhone and then go to choose the device to play it on  I can see that i'm listening on my iPhone, when I select "listen on your computer" i get the 1-2-3 step screen telling me to log in to webplayer, when I'm already logged in. (and it is the same account i'm logged into)


If I then try to select a device to play on, in webplayer, there are no devices listed, I just get the empty-state screen telling me to connect a device/ open spotify on another device and it will show up there etc. (spotify is open and logged in to same account on IPhone) It doesn't even show itself in that list as if it doesn't recognise itself as a device


I have re-installed the app on my phone twice. 

I have logged in and out of both Iphone and webplayer numerous times. 

I have cleared cache and cookies numerous times (Chrome)

I cannot try the fix to switch back and forth between devices to give it a kick start, as webplayer is never listed as a device to switch to.

Have tried the host file fix as well. No change. 


Kind of lost as to what else to try?

Would appreciate any suggestions