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What is so great about Spotify???


What is so great about Spotify???

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Am I clueless???  My critique here applies to the Spotify Android app as compared to Rhapsody.  I have read through lists of top features of Spotify with virtually nothing being an advantage.  Not trying to hate just looking for improvements...


1. After 4 months the interface it is still an irritation.  Total waste of space. No ability to change the font size???


2. There is no way to search only on albums with explicit tracks.  I see this has been reported a long time back.  What is the hold up???


3. How to play a list of top tracks by an artist.  There is a short list but why not add remaining songs on the end of the queue???


4. The last month the reponsiveness has been horrible.  I am on a corporate WIFI and no other apps have this problem of Spotify where when I launch it all songs are grayed out for at least a minute.



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Re: What is so great about Spotify???

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Hey there!


Since this is more general feedback than a specific feature request I've moved it over here in a different forum section.

You might want to use the search function on ideas exchange, most of your points have been submitted as an idea if you want to add your kudos there. 😉


P.S If you give us more input on your 4th point (OS, Spotify version, what type of network, etc) we might figure out what's going on there.