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Where do the streams come from?


Where do the streams come from?


I am currently on a trial of Spotify Premium in Australia. At present, there is a problem with my ISP, in that whilst I get fast (35-60 mbps) connection within Australia, I get very slow (around 1 mbps) connection everywhere else. 

When I play Spotify on Sonos, I tend to get problems with error messages saying that the connection speed is too slow. Is this because the streams are still coming from the US, despite me having a local subscription?

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Re: Where do the streams come from?

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I'm pretty sure Spotify on Sonos gets streamed through the Sonos servers, so I would question Sonos to the location of their servers. 


Sonos support are pretty top notch at diagnostics, so I would try the steps here and if they don't help get in touch with Sonos support and submit some diagnostics to them.

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