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Why does one song keeps saving itself to my library and how do I get it to stop?


Why does one song keeps saving itself to my library and how do I get it to stop?






iphone 8, Macbook 13"


Hi Spotify community,


I've been a premium Spotify user for about a year and a half but I'm brand new to this community, mainly because I've never had an issue before, until recently.


I've come to notice that one song, titled "Woman" by Karen O and Danger Mouse, keeps popping up into my library. I'll delete it, and the next morning it'll show up again. I've never listened to either of those artists, so I have no idea why it keeps saving itself.


I don't think I'm hacked, as this is the only issue I can see. No playlists have been created, no songs have been deleted...just this one song saving itself again and again for about a week now.


I have allowed certain third-parties to use my account, for example to enter a contest to win something from City and Colour, and for Spotify Wrapped, but I doubt that's the issue here either.


I was wondering if someone could help me maybe prevent those third-parties from accessing my account any further, and possibly provide insight as to why this is happening.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Why does one song keeps saving itself to my library and how do I get it to stop?


Hey @musicaddict297, help's here. 


First we suggest that you perform a clean reinstall for a fresh start. Keep in mind that your downloaded music will need to be re-downloaded again. 


If that doesn't help, let us know the following:

  • Did you initially save the song, or did it pop up in your Library all of a sudden?
  • Does this happen if you save other songs too?
  • Can you confirm that the song gets removed from the Library when you un-check it from the songs section? 
  • Do you see the album the song belongs to in the Albums section of your Library? Make sure to remove it along with the song. 
  • Does the song reappear immediately after restart of the app, or does it take a while for it to reappear?
  • Try changing network connections while removing the song and restarting the app.
  • A screenshot of the track when it has reappeared. Make sure to include the rest of the app's interface in the screenshot for a clearer view.  
  • Your OS and Spotify version.
  • The URI of the track.

It sounds like this happens on several devices. Can you remove the song from both devices at the same time while logged in before restarting the apps?


Let us know how it goes and we'll help you further. 


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