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Why no updates for Windows Phone?


Why no updates for Windows Phone?


On my Samsung Android device I get updates from Google Play for the Spotify app a couple of times a week as it seems (no idea what all the updates are for, must be back end stuff). On my Nokia Windows 8 Phone however, there are no updates available even though there are many functions still missing compared to the Andriod version.


Does anyone know why Spotify ignores Windows Phone?


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Re: Why no updates for Windows Phone?

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Current market shares for the different platforms in September 2013 in the USA:



Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
  Jun-13 Sep-13 Point Change
Android 52.0% 51.8% -0.2
Apple 39.9% 40.6% 0.7
BlackBerry 4.4% 3.8% -0.6
Microsoft 3.1% 3.3% 0.2


That probably has a lot to do with it. Spotify is simply going to put in effort where there is the most demand.

At one point a couple years ago the Android app was seriously lagging behind and still using design elements from years before then. But since Android is such a big player these days they have focussed more on the platform.



Re: Why no updates for Windows Phone?

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Spotify is available in other countries too though :) I also believe that WP is more popular in Eastern European countries.

Re: Why no updates for Windows Phone?

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Still small if you look worldwide though too:

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Re: Why no updates for Windows Phone?

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@Peter__ Why do I get this feeling of Déjà vu?




Re: Why no updates for Windows Phone?


Save a buck or so and just switch to XBox music. Used to be a huge fan of Spotify and told everyone about it. Once you try XBox music you see how bad Spotify was. Heck I am happy bluetooth streaming works as expected!


Part of me still wishes for WP8 updates, but sadly there is nothing that even hints at them consider it.